Nestled in the East End of Glens Falls, also known far and wide as Hometown USA, you can discover “Poopie’s, a family business that has become a real American success story.

Born to Italian immigrant parents, the late great Joseph DiManno began a small restaurant business on Lawrence Street in 1954. Joseph’s mother used to call him “Papino,” a fond term of affection for her son in native tongue. Joseph’s peers from his Glens Falls neighborhoods changed his nickname slightly, and his establishment became known as “Poopie’s.”

It was well known for good food, good company and a good time.  That tradition has lived on until this day at “Poopie’s” whose actual business name is DiManno’s Lunch Inc.  Jerry DiManno, Joseph’s son, took over the business from his father in 1976.  Jerry’s wife, Brenda, and their two daughters Ann and Christina spend a great amount of time here and have made “Poopie’s” the success it is today.

The family-like atmosphere apparent to all of “Poopie’s” regular customers is one of the main attractions of this famous eatery. Customers return again and again and are always satisfied with the great homemade food and intrigued by the friendly local people and lively entertainment that often takes place.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you stop by “Poopie’s” soon!

Founder Joseph DiManno
Founder Joseph DiManno